52 Weeks, 52 resolutions in my humble quest to be a better wife, mother, friend, survivor

Welcome to my idea November 30, 2011

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Welcome to my blog.  I have been thinking about writing this since late last year.  Finally, the time seems right.

Once you have kids you realize that you need to become the person you are trying to make them into.  It would be so much easier if they just listened to what you told them without actually having to model the behavior yourself.  Alas, like so many things worth doing, raising good kids by example is harder than it looks.  I have always been skeptical of New Years resolutions.  The crowded gyms that faded by April, the financial austerity that led to spring splurges all seemed futile. The unsustainable, unrealistic, guilt ridden feelings they stirred in me, I have always tried to avoid.  Plus, the notion of New Year’s resolutions seemed beyond my abilities. I was afraid of such herculean tasks as making a commitment that would take a year to accomplish. I guess I always assumed they all had an expiration date of one year. The thought of beginning and burning out loomed large and so I often never began at all.  Last year around this time I had a notion to compile a list of things I would be better for if I made them my New Year’s resolutions. I quickly became overwhelmed.  I couldn’t possibly attempt all these things at once or I would drive myself and everyone else in the family crazy.  What if I tried a new one each week?  I could devote all my attention and energy to a small improvement each week and hopefully the really good ones would stick.  I decided to try to make a new resolution each week my New Year’s resolution.  Fifty-two weeks, Fifty-two resolutions was my plan. I would end the year a better wife, mother, daughter, etc.

Last year the idea never got off the ground.  Life was busy.  On June 4th my previously healthy two year old daughter Olivia woke up and had a seizure.  A brain scan revealed a tumor and six months later she received her last dose of chemotherapy.  It was finally time to begin.

Here is my humble attempt to document my fifty-two week experiment.  I am grateful to have you join me.  Please feel free to leave comments and suggestion below.




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