52 Weeks, 52 resolutions in my humble quest to be a better wife, mother, friend, survivor

Week 19: Help for hubby. July 3, 2012

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This week coincided with my husbands birthday so it wasn’t really a stretch for this to be the theme.  Our lives are so busy these days that being nice to my husband translates in to the very practical terms of helping him get things accomplished.  So this week in addition to caring for the kids, I took on a couple special projects to take some of the load from him.  The first was to seek a payroll provider for his corporation.  After months of hard work it was finally time to take home a paycheck from his new business except, we had no idea how to legally do that.  Well, maybe not no idea but let’s just say we had lots of questions.  A couple of phone calls and meetings and I am happy to say we are on our way to getting a paycheck.  Yay.

Next up, disability insurance.  The notion that we had not yet purchased this essential piece of insurance is surprising.  While we usually view insurance as only for extreme situations we know all too well that the unexpected can throw a mighty big wrench into the best plans.  We would have done it sooner but there was always so much going on and it is a decision that requires much time to research the options to understand what you are buying.  This task took a little longer than I had expected.  It is complex.  I am happy to report though that now we are comfortably ready for catastrophe, at least from an insurance perspective.

The last task was setting up a retirement account.  This is secretly fun for me.  I love financial planning.  It has become a hobby of mine since I left medicine.  I love poring over sheets of financial information.  The endless minutia of finance fills the void in my detail oriented mind that was left when I stopped my surgical residency.  The other night I told Rob I wanted to read to unwind before bed.  I couldn’t tell if he was proud or worried about my choice of reading material.  It was the latest letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.  I had looked forward to reading it all day.  It made me laugh out loud a couple of times.  I’m that lame.  So picking a retirement plan was like heading to a candy store.  Lots of choices but they all make you happy in the end.

This week was tiring.  Though it felt good to cross some major tasks off the list it seems new ones immediately fill their place.  In some ways we are in the treadmill stage of our lives where no matter how much we carry out there is always more to be done.  I guess I can’t complain though.  Last week Olivia had a surveillance MRI that was negative.  We are officially cancer free.  If finding an insurance policy is what I am complaining about life can’t be that bad.  What’s next Rob?


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