52 Weeks, 52 resolutions in my humble quest to be a better wife, mother, friend, survivor

The list December 1, 2011

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I have a lot of ideas as to what things I should try to better myself but I would love to get feedback from you as well.  Feel free to leave a comment with a resolution you have wanted to try or you think I should try.



12 Responses to “The list”

  1. Paula Zand Says:

    Thanks for this new assignment. I’m thinking………back soon. love pz

  2. Rob Says:

    Thinking about the things I need to do, I have one suggestion. Spend a week trying to really listen, not just waiting for your turn to talk.

    How about flossing everyday. Wait, you probably already do this. So do I.

  3. lputhenp Says:

    Sadly, floss every day was the first thing on my list. We share a brain.

    • Rob Says:

      I have another idea for a resolution. Myriam had sent me a link with some very nice quotes. One of these quotes essentially said that being happy is a conscious choice, that one can choose to be happy.

      How about spending a week choosing to be happy, not letting the small things get you down. Allow yourself to respond to the negative things that are bound to happen but then “choosing” to re-set to the default of happy.

  4. Em Says:

    How about genuinely complimenting someone everyday? I know its a boost for me when I get complimented. I always think of telling someone how they have a great voice or scarf or sense of humor or whatever it is…but never actually say it out loud. I so appreciate when people remind me

  5. Ok I have been thinking. Not that I’M going to do this, but maybe you are desperate enough to try this. Do not speak for a week. People say that is really a powerful thing to do, but to me it would be so unnatural that I probably would explore and disappear into cosmic dust.

    Or… this one unfortunately might have the same result…
    Do not cuss or swear privately or in public for a week. Even if you drop a hot pot on your toe and break it. Good luck with that one. I would fail I am afraid.

    Create something that will last. A painting… Of course yoru blog, but what else? Make 7 new meals with your own recipes that you come up with. Surprise yourself.

    Go beyond your comfort zone. For me that might be to climb down a cliff… or jump off some height, But then again that my be my last resolution since I probably would die of a heart attack. But what is it that you walk up to stare at and find you cannot go through it. Not much I am thinking, but maybe its public speaking, or singing in front of a group… I bet there is something there.

    Let someone in front of you in the grocery line everytime you go to the store for a week, even if they are ungrateful and rude.

    I am guessing you need to name your book Saint Leslie, because I couldn’t do any of this stuff! Ok maybe one or two but not the rude person first thing.

  6. lputhenp Says:

    Oh Cathy, that is some good stuff. The cussing one is particularly powerful since now it is my primary means of communication. Even when I am not saying it out loud because the kids are around it is always being said in my head. The silence suggestion is also intriguing. This one requires some thought about execution. I think it would lose its meaning if I were still allowed to scribble commands furiously at my children for instance. Lots of good stuff.

  7. Karin Stamford Says:

    Go somewhere you have never been. Just pick a place and go. It can be a rock in a park down the street, or somewhere across the globe. Just go.

    Learn something new like how to ski or play chess. I’m currently trying to learn both. And I want to learn to play the fiddle..for real. 🙂

  8. Karin Stamford Says:

    This may sound stupid, but I’m trying to use people’s names more. Instead of saying, “Good morning.” Say “Good morning, Leslie.” I like when people use my name. It makes me feel special.

  9. Olivia Purchase Says:

    As there is so many nasty commentaries regarding individuals, whether policital, entertainers, or regular people and whether in the media or personal conversation, I want to make the best attempt at listening for the other side of the story before making a judgment. There is always the other side.

    Another one of my goals is to appreciate the beauty around me – and that includes a winter snow fall or those cloudy rainy days that Erie, PA experiences. Actually, this too is the other side of the story.

    Very glad there are 52 weeks in the year so I can make a stab at the many suggestions provided by those contributing to your blog Leslie.

  10. Addy Purchase Says:

    I think you should fly home once a week:) We miss you.

  11. sara purchase :) Says:

    Hmm… I cant think of one so go back and re read Addys 🙂 or Skype us every week:) we miss and love u all

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