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Beginning at the beginning. December 6, 2011

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One of the reasons I decided to publicly announce this writing project is because I am tremendously lazy.  Given the chance, the best of my intentions will easily go unfulfilled.  For proof, see last year.  The year of resolutions idea was germinated last December.  I kept it to myself and as time passed the idea fell away.  It’s hard to ignore something when people are watching though and this is why I have committed to doing this project in front of an audience.

I really have no idea what I am doing.  Like so many other big projects in my life I can not fathom what the end will look like.  So it was with medical school, residency, starting a family, breast cancer, and finally Olivia’s cancer.  This last one has recently come to its hopefully final conclusion.  My three-year old daughter Olivia just completed her last treatment for the tumor we found in her brain this summer.  When she was diagnosed there were moments when I couldn’t bear to look further than six hours into the future.  Both my husband and I took what he calls human bites and it helped us endure.  Her experience changed our family and ourselves.  I seized a moment of bravery to begin this project so now I guess there is nothing to do but write it.  As I write this, she is sleeping soundly next to me in bed.  She is the bravest girl I know and she is only three. I suppose being scared about writing and agreeing to walk in the Susan Komen 3-day walk just doesn’t hold up in comparison to what she has braved these last six months.

I cannot for the life of me see the end of this project, nor can I imagine how I am going to walk 6o miles over 3 consecutive days.  I can however see the next step and I guess for now that is enough. I think I just took my first human bite.



3 Responses to “Beginning at the beginning.”

  1. Rob P. Says:

    Strong work!

  2. That’s how we get anywhere in life, one step at a time. Keep focusing on that and before you know … you are so far from where you started, it will be like looking for at the end right now! It seems pretty far away huh!?

    Honestly, I am so so confident that you will not only get there with the 3 day (Heck if I did it anyone can) but you will complete all 52 weeks of this blog. And it will be spectacular!

    And yes Ms Leslie that daughter of yours is madly strong and amazing. Children question a lot less. They just seem to have so much less in the way of expectations than we adults do. She is surrounded by love and support that makes her feel safe. She is able to discard the negative and focus on the positive and you have helped her to do that.That certainly helps.

    So as you move along this road I will do whatever I can to help you keep your eyes on the positive and certain side of your journey. You are going to soar!!!!

  3. Julie Richards Says:

    Hi Leslie. I’m a friend of Rob’s from college. This is such a great idea. And if you get busy and miss a blog post or two, so what? You’re human. But when you do say things, they’re meaningful. And your perspective is appreciated. I’ll read when there’s something to read, but will certainly never criticize if you miss it. Good for you for having aspirations. Just ask Rob about ASPIRE…he’ll get a chuckle (freshman biology).

    You are an inspiration to all mothers. I admire you and hold you in the highest regard (Rob too). Your children are lucky to have you.

    PS. I walked the 60 miles last year, did very little training, and it was fine. The worst of it is sore feet. You will meet some amazing people. Be sure to get all the pink things you can find! Can you post your fund raising to this blog or have Rob post it to FB? I’d love to sponsor you since I won’t be walking this year.

    Most sincerely,
    Julie (Whipkey) Richards

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