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Logistics December 20, 2011

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As the year winds down the enormity of my project looms large. I have been dutifully compiling the list and taking some great suggestions from friends. I’ve even begun to try out a few of the resolutions in small chunks. I sat up straight for an entire hour. I flossed every night last weekend. You know, baby steps.

There are many logistical details left to be worked out. For starters, I’m not sure how to choose the resolutions for which week.  Should I group them by theme? Would being a better mother resolutions all fall into the same month?  Would I just burn out being sweet all the time and should I break it up with some self-care too?  These questions will all get answered in time but for now I know a few things.  The fact that January 1st falls on a Sunday is ideal.  The resolutions will begin Sunday morning when I wake up and end Saturday night when I go to bed.  Saturday night while I sleep nothing will be expected of me.  I will list a handful of the resolutions at the beginning of the year but most I will keep secret until the week they are implemented.  Since I am doing this in the public eye I am sure there will be mistakes and things I should have done differently but I know that if I didn’t have the added push of people watching it would not get finished at all.  Feel free to offer suggestions as it goes along.  It will help me immensely.  I am also taking suggestions for what to start the year with.  Start small? Go big?  What do you think?


3 Responses to “Logistics”

  1. Rob Says:

    I’m not really sure why you are giving yourself time off during Saturday night but whatevs.

    I suggest that you start big. Do something that would set the world on notice. Scream “hey world, check me out.” I think something that would directly benefit your husband would send that message.

    • I don’t know if you do anything small! I’ve got a resolution for later. One donation for each day of the week (to either the event) or to your walk.

      I would start with your moderate resolution and go straight into the BIG ones then every once in awhile sneak in an easy one to give yourself a break.

  2. Tori Says:

    Les, whatever you decide to start with always keep in mind to be kind to yourself in the process. Loving yourself first & foremost helps the process of change in our lives. If we don’t love ourselves, we are worthless to those we love. So I suggest making a list of 7 reasons why you love yourself & practice those for the first week…..great way to start off the new year, being LOVE!!!
    Mucho love, Tori

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