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I almost messed it up on the first day. January 2, 2012

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But, in the end, last night I flossed my teeth before bed.  That is how the year begins.  Without perfection but with intention.  If I can sustain the intention the perfection will come.  For those of you who are new to the blog, the idea is to take one resolution for each week of the new year and live it for that week only.  I have a list of 52 resolutions and a loose plan but little else. We moved homes on December 26th so life has been a bit hectic over the last few days.  We don’t even have an internet connection yet.  When I was formulating this plan the first resolution I thought of was to floss every day. Yesterday, as evening approached I was struck with panic at the thought that I hadn’t done anything special yet.  I yelled at the kids. I didn’t eat five fruits. I was short with my husband.  I slouched. Yikes.  Then it hit me, good ole flossing.  I flossed before I flopped into bed and the resolutions were officially kicked off.  Now I just need to floss every day for the next six and the first resolution will be checked off the list.  I love checking things off of lists.  Hope everyone had a great new years.


4 Responses to “I almost messed it up on the first day.”

  1. Rob Says:

    Very funny. I was there, and I still think that it was funny.

  2. Sandy Says:

    Day ONE…

    F orgive yourself
    L ove yourself
    O pen your heart
    S hare your feelings
    S trength, spirit and soul…YOU HAVE THEM ALL!!!

    We love you,
    Sandy and Barry

  3. Resolve to get internet at the house.

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