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The allure and curse of multi-tasking January 10, 2012

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My husbands comments on my last post are spot on.  I am a great multi-tasker.  No really.  In my humble opinion, I can multi-task so well that I am listening to my husband write an email, planning supper, and thinking about solving AIDS in Africa right now.  Ok, I’m back.  What did I just write?  See that is the problem.  Multi-tasking is like humor and cell phones while driving.  Everyone thinks they have a great sense of humor and can safely talk and drive but there are lots of unfunny people getting into car accidents every day.

The siren song of multi-tasking is hard to resist.  I can get two tasks done in the same amount of time if I just do them at the same time.  Seems simple enough right.  Most reasoned people understand that it often doesn’t work out that way.  I persistently fall prey to the allure of it.  I actually devoted a week to quitting multi-tasking but honestly didn’t think I could tackle it yet.  I am a slave to multi-tasking so rather than attempt to quit cold turkey I thought a more measured approach would be best.  That is why this week I am just trying to pick one of the multiple tasks that I am working on and finish it every day.  Yesterday, I finished… nothing, now that I think of it.  There was even a little wine left in the bottle at dinner.  Ah well dear reader, today I vow to finish two things.  I think if I get it down on paper in the morning then it will be easier to refocus throughout the day.  Lists! The list is the thing.  So before I go to bed tonight I will gather all the paperwork required to register Jack for kindergarten and finish unpacking the master bedroom.  Admittedly, they are both fairly doable tasks but as the kindly elderly man said on NPR, start small.  Perhaps tonight I will reward myself with the last few drops of the wine.



5 Responses to “The allure and curse of multi-tasking”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Are you remembering to add to your list…
    “Be kind to Leslie!”

  2. Finish the wine , it will all be better.

  3. Olivia Purchase Says:

    I am in total agreement with Cathy!!

  4. Sara Purchase Says:

    love the idea of making a list:) ❤ love and miss you
    ~Sara, your favorite niece

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