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Kickin butt and takin names January 15, 2012

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was the title of the draft post I started two days ago.  Of course I didn’t finish it.  Yesterday the post could have been more appropriately titled getting my butt kicked and giving out my name to everybody.  It was tough.

I hit my stride during the week and I felt like I was accomplishing a lot.  I got a medicine cabinet assembled and hung all in one day.  I registered Jack for kindergarten and completed a number of other small but satisfying tasks.  Yesterday, though I hit a wall.  I just couldn’t seem to get anything done and the list of tasks seemed to grow by the minute.

This morning I think I have some insight into why yesterday seemed so hard and why this task in general seemed so difficult.  To say that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew is an understatement.  I am a big fan of overdoing it.  It is generally a good thing.  I constantly challenge myself and often rise to the occasion.  Sometimes though, too much is simply too much.  Did I really have to make the pumpkin bread yesterday morning along with the chili?  When life seemed to be spiraling out of control should I have persisted with all my little goals or should I have jettisoned some of the more useless ones to keep the bigger priorities.  In the end, the one thing I didn’t get to do, a long walk with my friend and training partner is the one I missed the most.  We could have ordered take-out instead of eating the homemade chili.  I could have just made the pumpkin bread today.  One could argue that even the kids would have been better behaved yesterday if I had spent more time with them in the morning and not cooking and rushing around to home improvement stores to get things for the handyman.  Sometimes I don’t finish projects because of things completely within my control.  That I need to work on.  Sometimes I don’t finish things because life is just busy.  That is when I need to stop and reorganize my priorities.

This weeks challenge was good for me.  I didn’t really meet the resolution entirely but I think I gained some insights into my behavior.  Isn’t that the point of this year anyway?  Today I will try to reschedule that walk from yesterday.  I even finished this post.  Score one for Leslie.



3 Responses to “Kickin butt and takin names”

  1. Olivia Purchase Says:

    Hind site is always a great judge of what “should have been” done. sometimes it is just hard to recognize what should be a higher priority. But it is sure easy to see what you should have been later.

    I bet the kids loved the pumpkin bread and Rob enjoyed your homemade chili.
    And the handyman was able to accomplish what you needed him to do.
    Not all was lost.

    By the way, I found one of my old “to do lists”. Hmm, I guess my priority is to keep my list in a safe place.

  2. Well, see…. we got to walk today in beautiful clear and not too windy weather. You walked 6.5 miles! You’re on your way perfectionist you. Step by step is how anyone gets anywhere. You really don’t have to strap on the jet pack and be there now!

    Now I think I better make some apple cake, darn the socks, sell a house, fix the toilet and put on the makeup…

  3. tricia Says:

    I love your blog it makes me feel like i am with you everyday. If that were true we could walk and eat chili and pick one spot in the house to fix.clean. work on. Everyday. Know i am here my dear dear friend. Goodnight. I love you all

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