52 Weeks, 52 resolutions in my humble quest to be a better wife, mother, friend, survivor

Week 12: Words with friends. March 22, 2012

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The idea for this weeks resolution originated when I found out that my dear friends would be visiting us this week.  As I have said before, sometimes you just have to be practical.  Wasn’t it a wonderful coincidence then that the week was kicked off at exactly 12:30 am on Sunday morning when my phone rang.  To be fair it was 12:30 Ohio time and I live in California so strictly speaking it was only the bedtime of a fifth grader.  But, still, we were sleeping.  On the line was a close childhood friend who is also one of the funniest people I have ever met.  He was out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and he drunk dialed me.  No, not that kind of drunk dialing.  That is for the young kids.  We are over thirty-five.  We both have spouses and young children and busy lives so the only time that seems appropriate to reconnect is 12:30 am on St. Patrick’s Day.  Come to think of it maybe we should make that a standing date.

We talked about work, the kids, our spouses, cancer, you know the usual things one talks about.  When we got off the phone I had a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  The kind you get when you reconnect with a loved one.  There is a theory that the people you love each carry a bit of your soul with them so that when you are together your soul rejoices in having its pieces close by.  It’s possible that I just made that up now but it really explains the feeling I get when I reconnect with great friends.  This week I will reach out and try to get some pieces of my soul back.



One Response to “Week 12: Words with friends.”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Leslie how perfectly you put this…..The soul rejoices in having its pieces close by.

    LOVE this.

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